A Victory for Victor

At various times during the fiscal year 2014-2015, ten men were able to call Tim’s House “home.” Of the six that started off the year, five have moved on to new phases of a positive life in recovery, clean and sober. Upon exit they all had suitable employment and safe housing. Nine of the ten were referred to us by, and participated in, the Bridges Program. Bridges clients, especially the younger men, have priority entry into Tim’s house. This is Victor’s story shared with us by his case worker.

The road to recovery is strewn with roadblocks and it takes determination and a strong belief system to work through the obstacles. One of our youngest residents, Victor, came to Tim’s House via the Bridges Program last year. Having been in and out of the Juvenile Court system he knew that if he didn’t change his ways, living his life out in prison was going to be his reality.

He attended his 12-step meetings and was working his Bridges Program. But as can too easily happen, he ran into some old friends after work and went to a party. There he used his drug of choice and did not come back to the house that night. The next day, he reported to his Probation Officer at Bridges and after admitting his relapse, was placed in jail for the weekend.

As the Bridges program was willing to give him a second chance, so was Service League, who allowed him back into Tim’s House. Since that night, Victor realized he was running out of chances and that he needed to take his recovery and ultimately his life, seriously. He increased his 12-step meetings to five times a week, got a commitment at his “Home Group” and now faithfully meets twice a week with his new sponsor. He also reached out to his father, who he had been estranged from due to his addiction. His dad now comes to the House every Sunday to take Vic out for breakfast and conversation, and then drops him off at his usual Sunday afternoon meeting. Taking this step at reaching out has also helped him start to reconnect with his siblings. Victor recently celebrated 13 months clean. He has enrolled in the local community college for the upcoming fall semester. Going to school was something he never thought possible and he is very excited about this new chapter in his life in sobriety. Realizing how easily it would be for him to lose everything that he has worked for, he is extremely grateful for the second chance he was given to be able to come back into the House and continue on his journey with the help and support of the Tim’s House community.

It is so important to be able to provide a safe and supportive environment for young men who are struggling to create a better life for themselves and to help them learn the tools to navigate a successful life in recovery. Ultimately, this builds a better community for everyone.

A victory for Victor is truly a victory for us all.